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How To Maintain Leather Gloves?

Jun. 28, 2020

Leather products can be used for a long time if they are properly maintained, not just leather pants and leather gloves. So how to maintain Sheepskin Gloves? Let's take a look together with the Sheepskin Glove Supplier.

Generally speaking, a mild soap solution for daily cleaning and maintenance is sufficient (wet with a rag and wiped to make it, do not immerse the leather in water for cleaning). The leather cleaner found on the market is also very effective, and contains lubricants, which can maintain the softness of the leather itself. Stubborn dirt may have to be treated with a mild detergent, or it may require professional cleaning.

If the leather is worn, you can apply a non-greasy colorless leather maintenance cream, let it penetrate slowly, and then polish it with a clean and soft rag to restore the leather to a bright luster and prevent the leather from drying.

 Sheepskin Gloves

 Sheepskin Gloves

Wipe clean with a dry cloth and wait for the pollution source to dry, then wipe it with maintenance oil containing cleaning effect. As for the treatment of oil pollution, it is also treated with maintenance oil containing cleaning effect. Unlike liquid pollution, it is not necessary to wait for the pollution source to dry. It should be noted that when using this type of maintenance oil with a cleaning effect, the sensitivity test should be done first in the unobvious place to avoid causing the discoloration of the gloves and affecting the external appearance.

It is easy to get sweat secretions inside the glove. If left untreated, the glove can easily smell and mold. The treatment method is to use a cotton ball dipped in a mixture of about 50% each of medicinal alcohol and water, and wipe it inside the glove. , And then put it in a ventilated place to air dry; if the smelly gloves can increase the proportion of alcohol, but do not use industrial alcohol, because industrial alcohol will cause the gloves to fade and damage the leather.

What should I do if the gloves get wet in the rain? For example, the Woolen Gloves With Fur Trim must be treated immediately after they get wet, absorb the moisture with a dry towel, and then dry in a well-ventilated place. Do not expose to the sun or bake with hot air, otherwise the leather will be damaged , Hardened, remember to use maintenance oil after handling the gloves, can restore the gloss and softness of the gloves.

What kind of maintenance oil is used for leather gloves? It is not necessary to use professional maintenance oil. You can use sheep oil, baby oil, or even petroleum jelly to replace it, because it is easy to obtain and cheap, but when you need to clean it, you must use a special cleaning agent. The leather maintenance oil and gloves can be said to be the first skin of the knight. It protects the hands from injury due to unexpected conditions, so treat your gloves well and keep it in the best condition to protect your hands.

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